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And an Idea will help you in getting back to life and live happily once again.

Sorry, for being bit harsh but I have to as this is matter of people’s life.

For readers who do not know what I am talking about… the recent (not very recent) TV commercial of Idea Cellular says ‘walk when you talk’ and all I am trying to say is company like Idea (Tata group) should be bit responsible in saying that because we all know using mobile while we are walking (on the road or anywhere) is hazardous.

I definitely appreciate (though the idea is impractical and bit crazy as well) the previous ads of the same brand e.g. the one that says everyone should be known by their cell number and not name BUT not this one which appreciates people to do something that Government spends lakhs (maybe crores) to stop people from doing.

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I can only write a blog post about this crazy ad but can someone come forward and do something to stop this ad being aired? Or can Tata itself realize the problem and stop it??

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If any of you think I am over reacting please comment and let me know, or if you think I have done right thing by raising voice against this ad please comment and add strength to it.


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If you have not seen this ad before here you go…


Let me elobarate the topic, in this post I am going to write about the desparateness, uglyness, irresponsibility, rudeness (feel free to add more appropriate terms) that is evident in recent TV Ads.

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I am going to take three Ads and get into the details so that these advertisers understand what is that I am (I am sure of my blog readers will agree) not liking about these ads.

1. Havells:
Yes the ‘Recession‘ series ads of this company is ad that I hate most. Guys from Havells if you happened to read this please understand it is not a best of the things to play with the sentiments of the people. People who got affected by this recession will already be in very bad shock or shape, kindly do not play with the sentiments of the people are already down and suffering. I will go the extend of requesting Havells to stop this series immediately. Also the ad that shows the poverty of India should be stopped from airing. Also the people from Havells please understand none of your ads are appreciatable

2. Airtel:
In one of the Ad of Airtel they show that a kid’s dad has died and that kid tries to reach his dead dad over a toy phone. Dear Airtel guys what is that you are trying to convey?? Please don’t play with the sentiments of people at least not kids.

3. HDFC Life Insurance:
We know insurance Ad should tell people that you may die anytime. But the Ad in which HDFC shows like a kid searches for his toy and does not finds it and then kid complains about it to mom and the kid’s father’s friend happens to be there and says he will get him the toy and when kid says his dad will get him, that guy goes on and says what you will do if your dad disappear. Please tell this is the only way you can promote your life insurance policies?? Guys from HDFC please learn from ICICI for this matter (the ‘Jeetey Raho’ Ad series)

Dear readers,

If you are also upset with any particular TV advertisement please feel free to write!

Kolkata Knight Riders – this name has become synonym for misfortunes, bad leadership, contraversies, politics, poor performance, dropping of catches, loosing of matches, first from last and such endless list, this is something we all know.

One new thing I found in yesterday’s match (against DC) is, they are also victim of the bad (can we say biased??) umpiring! 6 balls 21 runs to winRohit hit 4, how did he hit that? he came two steps forward bent down and picked the ball on full toss, let me explain further… after batsman stepped forward he has to bend down to convert the ball as full toss – somebody please tell me how and in which rules book it is no-ball??

After all this poor decision making by umpires the most upsetting thing is Brendon McCullum has to apolagize… what a shameful day for cricket!!!!

Note: I am not a hardcore fan of KKR!

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While browsing I found this If you do not want to spend time by going to that page let me brief it for you, they (rediff) call it a game and what it has is Indian political map browsing through it you can reach your (in fact any) constituency and click on it and then vote for the party / alliance that you want to win from that constituency. Using this data they show which alliance is going to win how many seats.

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The idea is great but as you may be knowing the election commission has banned all the opinion and exit polls and for the obvious reason that is people may get biased by seeing the results of it.

Coming back to this game, rediff has done really smart job by calling it a ‘election game’ but I think it is an opinion poll and opinion polls on net are particularly bad because it is a opinion of net users who are usually from urban and high end society and chances of it being biased and far from reality are more.

This is my opinion so what is yours?

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Well If you are in India and you follow news I am sure you would have read/heard about the Varun Gandhi’s controversial speech and political developments that are on!

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My view of looking at whole situation is bit different, I am comparing it with the situation that exists in our neighbouring country Pakistan.

Young guy Varun was not able to properly polish his words, he was not able to control his temper etc., which politicians are generally good at. But see how the whole situation is being dealt with proper law and order and rule and regulations. Let it be party colleagues, let it be allies or let it be opposition party, see how peacefully they are handling the issue. That guy Varun is so much pressurised that he has step back from what he said publicly and has to start defending himself by saying something like ‘the tape is doctored’ blah blah!

The point to be noticed is he is completely cornered but fully legally and peacefully. Thats the beauty of the system, people and country as a whole. Now compare with Pakistan, almost nothing is being handled legally, the Government misuses the whole system to undermine someone (some people), the police almost refuses to take orders and perform their duties, opposition clearly and openly denies to obey the law/orders and calls for revolution, military just waiting to cash in, terrorism trying to rule the country, in short complete mess and zero tolerance.

Learn to keep religion, politics and law and order as separate entities, let people live their lives, military go and safe guard the country. Am I making sense??

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Sometime back I was reading this blog. I liked this blog post and one line I want to highlight and talk about is “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Google is not an exception.”

When Google’s (click here for all the news and views related to Google) bugs are exposed people in general say mistake can happen by anyone and nobody is an exception, but if some other company’s mistake gets exposed people say something like “company X is like that only….” etc., which damages that company’s image very badly.

Why people do this? Why people have different opinion about different companies? These are the questions for which I am looking for answers!

What I thought is just like celebrities, all the big companies have fan following and companies should keep their fans happy and excited. You cannot satisfy everyone in this world but companies to grow and/or survive they must satisfy their fans and every now and then companies should give something to their fans to talk about and feel proud about.

On the other hand if you disappoint your fans too frequently they will have tough time handling queries from their friends who are fans of some other companies. Let me give you an example, say X is using hotmail as primary email account, and say his friend Y sees him using hotmail and Y is say GMail (click here for all the news and views related to GMail) user then Y may say “You are still using hotmail! I cannot believe it!!” then X who is fan of hotmail must be able to say “Yes, I do, because hotmail gives me this (any cool feature) cool feature which your GMail does not!”

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Only this kind of feel proud factors will keep the fan happy and only when these hardcore fans are happy they continue to use the service and also encourages others to use it as well.

So companies, it is all about fans feeling proud and not about advertising and campaigning or anything else.

For me to understand whether I am right or wrong in the above argument, please tell me:

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While browsing I found this:

If you do not want to read the entire review here is the summary. Looks like somebody applied for some loan at HDFC Bank in Bangalore and bank denied and rejected the application. And then one of the employee privately contacted the applicant and said if he can give some percentage of loan amount as commission then he can help him in getting the loan.

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Now my argument here is not about this particular story, but about how private banks in India are generally functioning. Are people happy and comfortable in banking with these private banks.

The above case can be extreme and who knows it can be false also. But there are some obvious things (more appropriate word would be tricks) that private banks in India do / practice.

Lets take credit card (how to use credit card) cases alone, the bank agents / associates in fact I do not know who they are, but someone who takes all our details like photos, payslip etc and a filled form (at times they don’t give time to customer to fill it even) and submits it in bank and gets some commission and disappears and disappears forever. To convince the prospect these agents say hundred different things and many of them are false, one e.g. I am able to think of is the credit card is free for lifetime but we get charged by some Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 in the first statement itself or sometimes at the time when we just think everything is fine with the card and most of the times at the end of each year they charge around Rs. 500 to Rs. 800 as membership fee.

Is this how these banks are going to win the confidence of customers. Banks if you are not aware of these kind of issues (which is very much possible) kindly take this seriously.

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If you have faced any similar issue feel free to write as comment.

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